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Translation and interpreting services

We provide professional translations of academic, legal, technical and business documents into French and English.

Translation services

We are specialised in the translation of the followings subjects:

· Reports
· Balance Sheets
· Share Option Agreements
· Commercial Contracts
· Press Articles

· Manuals: IT, Telecoms, Automotive
· Reports

· Commercial/Employment Contracts
· Articles of Association
· Instruments of Trust
· License Agreements
· Wills
· Contracts of Sale
· Arrest Warrants
· Tenancy Agreements

· Surveys
· Brochures
· Press Campaigns
· Advertisements
· Tourism
· Websites


I am an experienced simultaneous interpreter in French.I do regular work for CNN, Al-Jazeera and SKY TV and have simultaneously translated at least over 100 Press Conferences given by Presidents Sakorzy/Hollande and have also covered a number of live transmissions from the National Assembly in Paris and the UN.

More recently, the French elections and numerous EU summits dealing with the Euro Crisis.

I have also worked at the Foreign Office for the Guinean President and his government with regards to a large IMF loan for developing bauxite in Guinea. I did a 2-day conference in Paris for Rohm and Haas (European Works Committee) and obtained a recommendation for quality of in-booth interpreting work acting as lead interpreter into French and English for simultaneous translation into other European languages.

I have good basic knowledge and experience of a lot of different types of legal work from litigation (Royal Courts of Justice) to commercial and financial agreements (multinationals to banks). I have translated depositions (Lovell’s), employment disputes (Accenture).

Dominique Lambert Live Translation of President Sarkozy

We offer the following services:


From English into French
From French into English


De l'anglais vers le français via Zoom ou d'autres plateformes audiovisuelles

Translations delivered within 24 hours (under certain conditions)

Typesetting of documents

We perform complicated layout of pdf or jpeg documents converted to Words documents often presenting anomalies and disorganized layout, we can restore the original layout of any converted documents.

Proofreading & editing of translated documents

We carefully proofread all our translations to eliminate any errors and we also edit the translations after updating the source documents.

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